Checklist Booklet 4x6

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Checklist Booklet 4x6
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In a heated situation you need to access mission critical information fast! This compact Checklist Booklet is designed to hold 4 x 6in checklists for quick viewing. In addition, this checklist can also be customized with many other detachable options as shown in the images to further enhance it's functionality.

Comes complete with 5 detachable 4 x 6in vinyl envelopes (10 views) that can attach to the inside left or right side of the booklet. Incorporated on the inside right side is a lexan bookmark for quick thumbing to correct page.

  • Tab closure can be used to open from both sides and the webbing tab closure is removable
  • On the inside left is a 7 x 3.5in pocket.
  • There is over 90 square inches of velcro real estate on this cover to allow for add-on customization.
  • An additional 5 page vinyl checklist can be stacked onto the included checklist for a total of 10 pages or 20 views.
  • Made in USA

When ordering options for this cover, we will assume you want the color to match the cover. Cover options shown can also be purchased separately and our available in our store. A much more detailed description of each cover option is available on the option product page.

All contents attached to or shown with the booklet in the images are there to show functionality only and are NOT INCLUDED unless you choose to add these options to your order.

  • When open 9.75" x 7.75"
  • When closed 4.5" x 8"
  • Weight 130g/4.6oz

We manufacture this booklet and many other style Tactical Notebook Covers in our factory. We can add embroidery, printing and even customize the cover itself when ordering in quantity (36+). Please call or email for a quote