Military Notebook Cover System (With Lexan)

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Military Notebook Cover System (With Lexan)
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Enlisted soldier, officer or DoD civilian, military life is all about planning and preparation. Checklists, schedules & action items are all part of the rhythm of your day whether going to the E-ring or a forward base. This Leaders Admin. Cover System is an awesome platform to build your own personal setup and keep you super organized.

  • 2.5in. x 6in. Lge. velcro loop patch section for your nametape, rank or morale badges. Flat mesh pocket with a YKK side zipper with zipper garage. This pocket can be used to hold cell phones, keys, receipts, or any other kind of item you need to see at a glance.
  • Rear pocket accommodates 6in. x 9in. storage pocket perfect for holding Letter sized documents folded in half.
  • Inside are two Lexan covered pockets 4.5in. x 3in. and 5.5in. x 7.5in. for the viewing and writing on maps, SOP's, mission critical data with a marker.
  • Over 56 Square inches of velcro real estate on the inside to allow you to personalize and customize your own setup using our many cover options available.
  • Proudly made in the USA by some pretty dedicated sewers

Note from Mark Wheeler (Designer). We designed this cover will accommodate the popular classic sized or 5.5in. by 8.5in. planners offered by such companies as Day-Timer, Day-Runner, Franklin-Covey, Filofax and Levenger's Circa. This slot will also hold A5 sized notebooks. The best part about this cover is that you can really set it up exactly the way you want.

Snipers Data Cover System With All Options

Snipers Data Cover System With More Options

When ordering options with this cover, we will assume you will want the color to match the cover. Cover options shown can also be purchased separately and are available in our store. A much more detailed description for the cover option will be on the product page.

All contents attached to or shown with the cover in the images are there to show functionality only and are NOT INCLUDED unless you choose to add these options to your order.


  • When open flat 13in. x 9.5in.
  • When closed 10in. x 7in. x 1in.
  • Will accommodate a data book that is 12in. by 9.5in. (When layed out flat)
  • Weight 8oz (Cover only)

We manufacture this and many other style Tactical Notebook Covers in our factory. We can add embroidery, printing and even customize the cover itself when ordering in quantity. (min. 36 units) Please call or email us for a quote.