TACSOP Battle Book Cover 3x5

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TACSOP Battle Book Cover 3x5
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The TACSOP Battle Book cover is designed to fit a 3" x 5" Field Notebook. An indispensable item for Unit Leaders, Section Commander's and Company Commander's alike who need the ability to have quick access to their checklists like Battle Drills, Mini Maps and SOP's while simultaneously taking notes.

Designed by a bunch of overly ambitious, nit-picky military types, this case will become your sidekick for years to come. For an inch by inch description of this cover please go to the "Details" tab below. 

Also fits the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) pants cargo pocket and the Marine Corp Combat Uniform (MCCUU) trouser cargo pocket.

If your needing this design in a 4" x 6" format go to the Recommended Products below.

Weight of Cover - 140g

Exterior Front - Large pleated pocket measures for pens, markers and small tools, etc. Pocket has a velcroed cover to secure contents from falling out.

Interior - Designed to hold a Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" Field Notebook (Not Included) on the inside right hand side. Incorporated into the design are 5 x 10mil vinyl checklist envelopes that hold 3" x 5" paper. The checklists are securely held to the inside left hand side by a velcro header attached to the top of the checklists. The checklists are removable and replaceable. 

Exterior Rear - Rear exterior of cover has a zippered pocket and a nylon grab tab that helps the user pull the cover out of a pocket. The rear is covered with a large section of loop velcro for the purpose of attaching to a Leg Board Harness

Construction - Constructed of Mil-Spec materials such as Cordura Nylon, 420 denier Pack Cloth and heavy duty YKK zippers. Made in Canada by a group of overly ambitious, nit-picky outdoor types. Comes with a lifetime guarantee on the stitching. Vinyl Checklists are not included in the guarantee and should be replaced from time to time.