TAM Field Book Cover For Army Greenbook (INCLUDES checklist booklet!)

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TAM Field Book Cover For Army Greenbook (INCLUDES checklist booklet!)
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We've created a dual function organizer by sizing this case to fit the US Military's standard issue 5" x 8" Green Book Memorandum - NSN 7530-00-222-3521(not included).  Our TAM Field Book Cover is unique in that it comes with a 20 page Checklist Organizer Booklet (holds paper size 4 1/2" x 5 3/4").  We've designed the case to allow for simultaneous use of Green Book and the Checklist Organizer so you can reference your checklists such as 9 Line Medevacs, IED Reports and other SOP lists whilst being able to take notes in your memo book.  The TAM enables you to streamline your command kit ...keep your checklists, reference data, pens, keys, cell phone and Green Book all in one place! 

Simultaneous Use:  You can access the Checklist Organizer and your Green Book at the same time by opening the Velcro strip (holding the left side of the Organizer to the Case) and then pulling the Checklist Compartment over to the left and unzipping the Case to reveal your Green Book.  The Checklist Compartment and the TAM case are connected, stitched together with mil spec webbing, to enable quick access, use and storage. 

 Front: The Checklist Compartment consists of a flip open cover secured with a mil spec webbing Velcro Tab. Includes a 5 pen slot organizer on the front. Comes with one removable vinyl checklist booklet (20 pages/40 views) as shown in images. The organizer is a mini booklet, with transparent vinyl pages fused to a black, water repellent, hardcover. It fits into the sleeves of the Checklist Cover and is removable if you wish to use it separately from the TAM case or replace with a new organizer filled with different maps/checklists.  To access the Checklist Organizer, just open the the Velcro Tab on the front and flip the cover flap open.  Can be accessed while the zippered TAM Case is closed or open.  

Back: Zippered Cordura Case for storing your TAM (Tactical Aid Memoir) Green Book (not included).  Full length zippered pocket on the rear (4 1/2" x 8 1/4") for storing cell phone, keys, notepad, etc.  Connected to the Checklist Organizer (located on top) with a Velcro Patch and Webbing. 

Constructed of Cordura throughout, with double stitched nyon edging for extra durability.  Made on this side of the ocean!  100% US & Canadian materials and assembly.