A Little About Us!

Tactical Notebook Covers is a family-owned business that has been designing and producing unique field Cases and covers for over 30 years.
Started by Mark Wheeler back in 1983 while he was stationed in Germany. The lack of practical and rugged field kit spurred him into designing products for his own use. This lead to producing military gear for fellow soldiers and then into a part-time business, using the high quality military spec. materials available and employing local German sewers. 
Our reputation is based on three principles:
Honesty... there's nothing hidden here, our Notebook Cover products are designed and produced using US Labour and Materials. We use the best quality materials we can find and make our products as durable as possible - no cutting corners. Essentially we strive to make a product that you want to buy and that will sell itself.
Customer Satisfaction... we believe in treating our customers in a personable manner. Nowadays we converse with most of our customers through email or by phone. But that doesn't stop us from treating those customers in an over-the-counter fashion regardless of where they are located. You'll get a live person whenever you call during Store Hours! All our Notebook Cover products come with a 5 Year Guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. 
We Listen... a lot! Here at Tactical Notebook Covers, we strive to make our products a true reflection of what our customers ask for. We pride ourselves on being able to flex with the needs of our users on practically a weekly basis.

Mark Wheeler
Tactical Notebook Covers