Tactical 3-Ring Binder Cover System (Fits 3" to 4" Binders)

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Tactical 3-Ring Binder Cover System (Fits 3" to 4" Binders)
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This super-sized rugged 3-Ring Binder Case System comes complete with a thick leather handle and optional shoulder strap. Made with Military spec. materials for rough use in the field. Great for soldiers in leadership roles, observer/controllers and course directing staff. 

This cover accommodates the standard 3½" to 4" binders that are available at many office stores, or you can purchase one of our binder inserts. Our binder insert securely fits into the right-hand side sleeve and sticks in place with Velcro for a very secure fit. This case is available in two sizes, to fit binders sized between 3" to 4", and 1.5" to 2" (smaller size available here)

  • The front of the cover features two pockets. Both pockets flip up to reveal a large area with elastic loops designed to hold pens and pencils. There are a total of 18 loops for storing writing instruments.
  • On the underside of each flip-up pocket is a clear window, which can be used to store maps, or notes for see-through viewing.
  • Front lower pocket flap has a see-through mesh pocket for visible storage of small items (cell phone, keys, etc...).
  • Inside this binder cover is over 155 square inches of Velcro real estate - to allow for Add-on customization!
  • On the interior left and right side are two pockets, which are great for storing notes, a tablet, or extra notepad. Both pockets measure 9.5" wide, by 9" deep.
  • Case is padded for protection of contents.
  • Rear zippered pocket (13 x 9") holds contents securely.
  • Comfortable thick leather handle. There is an optional detachable shoulder strap available (+$15) for this case.
  • Made in the USA.



Note from Mark Wheeler (Designer): I designed this rugged cover to protect and securely hold a heavy 3" to 4" binder. If you are like most of my customers, you'll need a heavy case with sturdy handle to hold all the weight from the notes these larger binders can hold. Sometimes we've seen customers with binders holding up to 10 Lbs of paper weight. With this cover you can be confident the case will handle the weight.

In addition, you can also outfit this case with many of the detachable cover options that will further individualize the cover to add even more functionality.

When ordering options for this cover, we will assume you want the color to match the cover. Cover options shown below can also be purchased separately. A much more detailed description of each cover option is available on the Add-on's product page.

All contents attached to or shown with the cover in the images are there to show the functionality only and are NOT INCLUDED unless you choose to add these options to your order.

Dimensions (For 3-4" Binder Case)

  • When open: 29" x 13.75"

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