Custom Work? Yes, we sure can! 

Custom design and manufacturing has been the foundation of our business since we started up in 1985. Since there are very few manufacturers left in North America, we have been a magnet for industry looking for unique, occupation specific designs that are built to endure the elements.

No minimum order - Unlike most manufacturing companies we don’t require a minimum order quantity for custom work. We are happy to produce one or two custom covers for you if that’s what you require. That being said, please keep in mind that we are able to offer much, much better pricing for orders of quantity. Usually, the cost of producing one custom cover is around 3-4 times the cost of producing a bulk order (36 units or so).

The process - Typically, customers seeking custom work will have an item in mind that requires a case, bag, or cover to house it and we go from there. We've seen it all....well almost! We've "housed" rocks for geologists, explosives for swat teams, mobility devices for home health, electronic devices, etc, etc.!

Just fill out our Quote form or email me the details of the desired function and contents of your custom design, along with the quantity required and we'll go from there!

Talk to you soon,

Mark Wheeler