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In a heated situation, you just won't have time to go searching through your gear for that critical information. This Arm-mounted pouch with internal checklists will have your important mission SOP's, Maps and personal notes literally right at your fingertips.

Also known as a Combat Quarterback, Armband Checklist or Tactical Armband this is an essential piece of kit for Combat team leaders, Radio operators or anyone who needs to access vital information right away. 

Our Combat Quarterback has been designed with 4 x internal removal checklist envelopes (3" x 5") for further storage of your paperwork and maps. Internal elastic loop to secure a pen or marker. Secure velcro closure.  Overall size of internal map case is 15cm x 20cm

With the external 1.5" elastic straps, you can permanently set them once for the size of your arm and then no further adjustment is necessary. In addition, to stop the pouch from slipping around your arm we have added a non-slip rubber material.

Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura nylon material