Detachable 6-Ring Binder Clip

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Detachable 6-Ring Binder Clip
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Detachable 6-Ring Binder clip allows you to place your binder in multiple locations within our line of Tactical Notebook Cover Systems.
The clip is attached to a solid backed nylon reinforced strip of hook velcro.
Optional see-thru Lexan wind cover helps secure the pages from blowing around. You can also write on the Lexan with a permanent marker. Lexan cover has 2 small dots of velcro attached to each corner.
Typically used within our Sniper Data Book Cover System (#2028) but can be installed on many of our covers.

Measures 7" x 1" with a 1/2" capacity.

Binder clip holds 4 5/8in. x 7in. (6 hole paper) Made in USA