Detachable Mini Whiteboard

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Detachable Mini Whiteboard
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Price: $7.50

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The detachable mini whiteboard allows for notes to be easily taken while out in the field. Jot notes, maps, or other important information down on the mini whiteboard with a permanent marker. When you'd like a clean slate, permanent marker ink can then be 100% erased using a small amount of alcohol. Lexan material will not leave a ghosting effect from past notes. Attaches securely into place in your cover with Velcro.

Available in 5 sizes: 

  • 1x3.5" (often used as a small nametape, blood type identification, etc...) $7.50
  • 1x6" (often used as a nametape) $9.99
  • 3x4" $11.25
  • 4x6" $13.25
  • 6x8" $15.50

Made in the USA.