Detachable Tablet-Cell Phone Corner Holders

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Detachable Tablet-Cell Phone Corner Holders
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STURDY - These Detachable Corner Holders are designed to be used on our line of Tactical Notebook Covers. Can be used to hold a cell phone or a tablet in place within your Tactical Notebook Cover.

SECURE - Hold your tablet or cell phone in place with these super strong corner holders. The back of the Corner Holders is covered in Hook Fastener, will attach very securely into place on the Loop Fastener in your Tactical Notebook Cover.

MULTI-USE - Will hold a thin cell phone, as well as a one within a thicker protective case (such as a “Defender” or “Otterbox” case). Compatible with most types of cell phones, and tablets (iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Tablet, Android Tablets, etc...).

Constructed with super strong nylon material.