Detachable Flexi 3-Ring Attachment (For holding 8.5 x 11" Paper)

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Detachable Flexi 3-Ring Attachment (For holding 8.5 x 11" Paper)
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SECURE ATTACHMENT: This 3-Ring Binder Attachment is designed to be compatible with our line of Tactical Notebook Cover Systems. This binder attachment will allow you to create a binder set-up within your Tactical Notebook Cover or Binder Case.

ORGANIZATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ā€“ The beauty of this 3-ring cable binder attachment is that you can easily install it or remove it from your Tactical Notebook Cover. Adds functionality as you have the option to swap your notes in or out depending on your specific mission requirements.

EASY TO INSTALL OR REMOVE: The underside of the spine is 100% covered in Hook Fastener backing. Attaches directly onto the Loop Fastener within your Tactical Notebook Cover, or onto anything that has a Loop Fastener surface.

The rings are made out of very strong cable, and open/close with a durable metal snap. The spine is constructed with military spec webbing.

We also sell a smaller version of this Flexi Ring Attachment for holding 4.25" x 8" paper. Small size available here.