TAM Army Green Book Cover System with 3x5 Checklist

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TAM Army Green Book Cover System with 3x5 Checklist
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This is a discontinued item - available in limited colours, and while quanitites last.

This dual-function notebook cover is designed to fit the US Military's standard issue 5" x 8" Army Green Book - NSN 7530-00-222-3521 (not included). The TAM Army Green Book Cover System is unique in that it comes with an attaching 5-page (10 views) Checklist Organizer Booklet (holds paper size 3" x 5").

The case allows for simultaneous use of the Federal Supply Service Notebook and the Checklist Organizer booklet so that you can reference your checklists (such as 9 Line Medevacs, IED Reports and other SOP lists) while still being able to take notes in your memo book.

Keep your checklists, reference data, pens and Green Book all in one place! You can access the Checklist Organizer and your Green Book all at the same time by pulling out the checklist on the left side as shown in the images. The Checklist case will remain securely hinged to the cover but can also be completely removed if required from the zippered Green Book Cover.

  • Comes COMPLETE with one removable 5-page (10 views) vinyl¬†checklist booklet as shown in images. The booklet is securely attached to the¬†Army Book zippered case.
  • There is over 24 square inches of Velcro real estate on the cover to allow for Add-on customization.
  • Made in the USA

Note from Mark Wheeler (Designer): The TAM (Tactical Admin. Memoire) was designed to maximize the area on the front of the Zippered Army Book Cover to allow for quick and easy access to mission critical notes through the use of the detachable 3 x 5" checklist. In addition, we've also allowed you to customize the cover system to your own specific needs with the addition of our Add-ons.

When ordering options for this cover, we will assume you want the color to match the cover. Cover options can also be purchased separately. A much more detailed description of each cover option is available on the Add-on's product page.

Please note this cover comes with an included 3 x 5 vinyl 5-page checklist. All other cover options are there to show functionality only and are NOT INCLUDED unless you choose to add these options to your order.


  • When open: 11.5"¬†x 9"
  • When closed: 9"¬†x 5.5"
  • Weight: 180g/6.4oz

We manufacture this cover and many other styles of Tactical Notebook Covers in our factory. We can add embroidery, printing and even customize the cover itself when ordering in quantity (36+). Please call or email for a quote.