Detachable Mini Alcohol Spray Bottle

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Detachable Mini Alcohol Spray Bottle
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ORGANIZE YOUR ESSENTIALS - This Mini Spray Bottle with elastic loop holder is designed to hold a small amount of alcohol (not included) for cleaning your field checklists. This item is designed to be used as an accessory to our line of Tactical Notebook Covers.

SPECS - Back of the loop has Hook Fastener for secure placement in your Notebook Cover. This item measures 1.5” x 3” with the spray bottle. 
Elastic loop is made to hold the bottle snugly in place.

Please see our Detachable Lexan Mission Checklist Envelopes, or Detachable Mini Whiteboard. Both of these items can be written on with permanent marker, and easily cleaned with some rubbing alcohol. The Detachable Mini Alcohol Spray Bottle is designed to be placed in your Tactical Notebook Cover System for easy cleaning of these items


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